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Unlike you, I fail like a Pro and I make it look awesome.

Writer's Block: Back off!
cartoon Oskar Ostnes
Have you ever witnessed someone being bullied and just walked away? Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone who was being bullied? How do you think it impacted you and the person being bullied?

I started a new school in the middle of the term, first thing they tell me is "don¨t play with that girl over there, she's weird" so the first thing I do is go up to her and ask if she wants to play. A few kids came up to us and started calling her names, I told them to leave, they didn't listen and I ended up punching one of them in the face. I was seven then, now i'm 22 and this girl has been my best friend ever since that day.

at 7 am.
cartoon Oskar Ostnes
So, awake all night again.
This time because I can´t sleep in the apartment without Oku and he´s away doing some photoshoot-thing that makes it easier if he stays at his parents place.
But it also makes it impossible for me to sleep.

(Last time we tried spending the night away from eachother I ended up in crutches for three weeks with a knee the size of a football)

So what did I do this time? I spent the night in front of the computer with coffee.
Cause coffee works great when you´re trying to get some sleep...?

Yes people, I am about as logical as a coconut.

Insomnia and moving back home.
cartoon Oskar Ostnes
Two nights ago I couldn´t sleep, which was nothing new. As always I forced Oskar to keep me company (this simply means that I poke him every second he interrupts my talking with loud snoring).
He´s a lot better at staying awake now, since the night when I made him change side of the bed and he told me about his entire day in his sleep.
I guess it kind of creeps him out that I have full control over him when he´s sleeping, like he says.

Anyway, yesterday was my one-week record of surviving a sleeping average of 2h 24min per night and I managed to force myself to school. Well, maybe not so much forcing as losing my mind and bouncing around in a state of brainlessness.

For example, here is a quotation from my swedish blog, nicely translated for your simplicity:

"sneeky blogging ftw! Fast as a lizard I sneaked into the elevator when no one was watching, went to the top floor and parked my ass in front of the computer. I'm probably supposed to sew something...

Today is an AWESOME day, I feel AWESOME and everything I do is pure AWESOMENESS! (Don't hate me, I've only gotten two hours of sleep last night, during which hours I dreamed that someone was strangling me. Fun times, indeed)

My piercings are itching like crazy and I can't itch back (scratching my boobs in front of people would probably make them think I'm weirder than usual.)


Okey, I'm feeling a bit better now."

Bad, I know. But as you hopefully notice I am once again perfectly sane. This is simply because during lunchtime I got the news that FINALLY me and Oskar could move back to the apartment!
This resulted in another hyper-attack like this:

"I'm running around packing like a crazy person, laughing like a crazy person and kissing Oku the second he gets close enough.
The storage is cleaned, which means the apartment won't look like a warehouse anymore, I'm not being watched by Oku's mom 24/7, no one will complain if I play videogames all day and I can finally have sex without anyone knocking on the door! WOO!
All that´s missing now is two tickets to Cali magically appearing in my hand...



.. Nothing. But it was worth a try (;"

Hardly surprising, the second we built the bed back together I passed out and slept a solid 8 hours.

cartoon Oskar Ostnes
And it´s all done on a mac, I like!

Quite bitter being.
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What bugs me when it comes to insomnia is not the constant tiredness, or when my brain malfunctions.
And school is easy to catch up with if I miss a few days.

No, what really annoys the hell out of me is when I think that if I would have known that I wouldn´t get any sleep I could have spent my time doing something more productive than staring up in the ceiling.
Like playing videogames.


cartoon Oskar Ostnes

Oskars mom asked me if I wanted a half a grapefruit, WOOO! ... I thought.

But when I get the damn thing it was already cut out of it´s skin. This made me deeply dissapointed since I had been ready to enter a dangerous fight with my spoon and citrus-acid in my eyes.

This is about as meaningful as hunting down a meatloaf with a bow and arrow at the food market.

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